Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Big cuts

This morning was wet which was an all round bad scene which prompted me to do absolutely nothing about breakfast, lunch, getting dressed until our fabulous nanny student arrived and sorted Fionn out and then Fionn told me I couldn't take him to kindy in my dressing gown. I protested that other mothers did but the boy was unmoved by such lying and thus I parked beside the late model SUVs in jeans and a jersey after all.

This afternoon was sunny which for an obsessed gardener in nearly Spring time like me was just perfect. The nanny student got practise at looking after both children at once (I'm sure it's valuable for her) while I got the loppers out and headed for the neglected back corner. Neglecting to find the camera in my excitement. Now this corner has huge significance for me as last time I lopped anything in it, Brighid was only three weeks old and the resultant muscle strain (immediately post strong and extended antibiotics) triggered a virus with rheumatoid arthritis symptoms which at its worst left me unable to even carry my daughter.

I'm pleased to say today was much more successful and I've lopped and sawn through many branches, opened up the area to some sun and with a bit of husband help this weekend, this patch will soon be ready to be my bog garden.

I also measured out the area for the tobacco garden. My favourite handyperson isn't managing to kick the habit and growing his own will cost so much less. The growing bit looks quite easy but the curing less so.

I wonder if the Kings Seeds delivery will come tomorrow...

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