Thursday, August 2, 2007


That's where I am. Limbo. Like purgatory only much more comfortable. I went outside with the camera this morning and took many many photos of spots of personal significance within our 809sqm section (I know it is exactly that size because the rates notice arrived today. Unfortunately council rating isn't ten cents per square metre).

My favourite handyperson arrived home early today. Oh the plans that ran through my mind when he appeared at only 4.10pm. But it is all backward and everyone is in bed except me at the clearly racy hour of 6.50pm. I'm pretty sure I need a USB connection but I've had a close inspection of handyperson's computer desk and found nothing which fits into the camera.

I've no idea what proper purposeful people do at this time of night once they've eaten - dishes, knitting, Bible study? But I have no intention of doing anything edifying while everyone else sleeps. Which is why I'm mucking around here, like a kid about to do a speech on fish who forgot to bring the fish.

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Fire said...

I know the feeling! You crave the free time, then when you get it, don't know what to do with it!