Friday, August 17, 2007


These are about a fortnight old and they aren't of anything amazing, but they are photos nevertheless. Of course they are of the garden!

This is Brighid's Forest. So named because my favourite handyman planted them the day she was born. I'm planning on interplanting giant sunflowers to give them a canopy of sun protection this summer. The area behind it did have invasive overgrown trees but I've mostly chopped them down and we'll probably put more natives in there over time. I've put the mint there for the mean time as it is a wet corner.

This strip is the sunniest spot on the section. It was all grass when we arrived. I dug it up to bury bokashi in it and then weeded it and planted spring bulbs. You can see two hyacinths in flower already. I always think of Hyacinth Bouquet/Bucket from that tv programme and they aren't my favourite but I gave Fionn a choice at the nursery in Autumn and hence we got Hyacinths. Along the wall are broad beans. Once they and the bulbs come out, tomatoes will go in here, with basil, celery and something called beneficial insect blend as companion plants. I'm expecting that the heat of the brick wall will aid the growth and ripening of the tomatoes.
I found out about tulips. The offsets take about a year before they flower and I've already got some offsets growing. Apparently you can also grow them from seeds and that takes 5-7 years to get them to flower. Can I follow through a project that lasts that long? I don't know.

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Sharonnz said...

I'm with Fionn. I love hyacinths and was full of good intentions that came to naught this year.