Friday, August 3, 2007

The school gala

It's the local school gala tomorrow. Important date on the calendar and significant because it is the last year before I will be obliged to be involved. I seriously have something to live up to on this one. My beloved elderly cousin (aged 80) has been baking for this school's gala since it opened in 1958 and her son was a first day pupil. She is now unwell enough to qualify for meals on wheels but still puts her pinny on for the gala. I might grow seedlings for next year.

So today I was thinking about the fact that out of those people who have let me know they are interested in my blog, nearly everyone is home educating. Do you people not like fundraising committees?

Hunter gatherer performance today:
gathering: good. 29 pieces of wood chopped and stacked.
hunting: mediocre. killed lots of slugs. Found a colony of large snails which I was wussy about - they will die trappec in the bread bag though.

Cleared pieces of roofing iron from the felled forest floor and found two lily plants just like the ones I wanted to buy and put there. Transplanted mints from pots to hang out with the lillies.

The post with the photos still isn't showing. This blogspot thing is a lot like yahoo groups. I don't mean that as a compliment. About as consistently reliable as tradesmen.

The other thing garden like I've been thinking about today is Monty Don. We have a lot in common you know - gardening without machines, um liking gardens. I fancy spending an afternoon with Monty - it wouldn't have to be all about digging.

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