Friday, August 24, 2007

someone else's junk

is going to become my outside miniature glasshouse/ seedling raising house. Found from a local school caretaker on his way to the skip, two old fashioned wooden desks. One is now my sewing machine table and the other is about to lose it's top and then be filled with seedling pots and covered with the perfect sized piece of safety glass the previous inhabitants left in our garage.

We have an Iris out now. It looks perfect. My photos are hidden away on the camera as usual because I didn't get a tutorial last weekend after all.

You know I am exactly like this in real life. Well this is the positive version anyway, we'll leave out the people who never take a shine to me. You meet me and I seem interesting. You arrange to see me again and I bring something really yummy and it's all looking good. We each have a new friend. Then over time I ramble incessantly at ever more frequent intervals and there is no more cake for the next 15 months and although I talk about cleaning the house all the time, you find yourself looking gingerly for somewhere safe to sit in my lounge again and again and again. The best visits are on sunny days when we sit out in the garden and you take a tour and I bring drink out to you and thus you only notice anything terrible about the house when your children, who you didn't think had standards at all, complain about the state of the toilet. Maybe that isn't the best visit, but it's as good as it gets during gardening weather and indeed during non-gardening weather. Online is good. It's so clean.

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Nik said...

I'd love to visit your house anytime - clean or dirty! You do make it appealing sitting outside though.