Thursday, August 16, 2007


I saw the first tulip flower bud emerging in my garden today. It is deepest red and currently looks like a heart. Not a cute pink heart shape, but a blood red life force within the plant. There are no edible or medicinal properties to tulips, freesias, irises, crocuses (let's just not go there on the latin plural issue aye?) or daffodils but I have them all in my garden because winter is long and spring bulbs are so beautiful. I'd no more take them out of my garden than remove music and art from my life.

The red tulip under discussion is from my mother in law, who bought them for me when she and fil visited earlier this year. I need to have a read up on how long I can keep the bulbs going - perhaps Brighid will have the same blood red flowers in her own garden one day.

Now shrubs are another matter. Shrubs do not make my heart sing. Even the word 'shrub' is ugly. Who remembers the low maintenance shrub and bark garden, still found around municipal buildings? I'd rather have a section full of weeds. I've seen shrubs look pretty on occasion but never have I wanted to take one home with me.

I know anyone who is still around only really wants to look at pictures, but pictures really aren't my forte. Specifically, I'm still short of some key knowledge on getting them from the camera onto the computer. I'll try for a tutorial this weekend.

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Nik said...

Oh, I'm a ruthless shrub puller-outterer! Even camellia's are not safe! I love looking at photo's - my own blog has been lacking lately too, especially when not garden related.

Need to see a pic of this heart-shaped tulip though!