Sunday, August 26, 2007


Just before I left the house this afternoon, I tucked a few coins in my pocket, despite going nowhere near the shops on my girlie cake gathering outing (One woman brought her husband, two brought children of the non-baby kind, both against the rules. Very bad form on an otherwise fun afternoon).

It became obvious why I'd tucked coins in my pocket when on the way home I saw several supermarket bags of horse poo for sale on the side of the road. Fifty cents per bag and as it happened I had $4 and could stash the whole lot in the boot of the car (which now has two functioning rear lights again at a cost I won't go into).

I got home at six, deposited the baby with Favourite Handyman, noticed that the washing was still out, the seedlings were still outside and there were no signs of dinner preparation whatsoever. Still, horse poo projects were more interesting. I decided we didn't need a rubbish bin any more and emptied two bulging bags of horse poo into the rubbish bin and filled it three quarters full with water. Lid on and I think it is two weeks I wait until I can decant the liquid off the top to use as liquid garden fertiliser and top up with water to repeat the process.

Still leaves six bags of horse poo to deal with. I'll report back on that when I have an answer.

Horse poo doesn't go straight on the compost pile like chicken manure because horses have quite fast digestive systems and weed seeds come through them whole and sprout in the garden.

Got an opportunity to talk garden and poo with a couple of other women. I may have a source for getting some of the scrapings from the calf pens of a local farmer - hay and cow poo mixed together. Woohoo. I am really making progress on my poo projects. Also looking out for the opportunity to sweep out underneath the shearing shed on a sheep farm at some point.

Saw my chicken raising friend. She is about to raise about two dozen chicks from eggs and wanted to know if I wanted some more roosters to kill and eat. Yes please!! She declined my offer to pay her but was keen when I suggested that we kill, pluck and gut two at a time and give one back to her for eating.

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