Sunday, August 12, 2007


I was always getting tagged at primary school. It was evident early on that I wasn't going to be an olympic triallist on the running front. And now I've been tagged in blog world. By Now I gather there is a trick by which I just show the word Sharon but it links you all if you wish to her blogsite? That learning curve is ahead of me still.

Anyway I can't play the game properly because I don't know eight bloggers to tag. Actually I don't know any apart from the ones Sharon has already tagged. But here is part of the game, because I'm quite fond of Sharon (who is a closet leftie which is a thing about her that I like as well as the other things). Politics, not hands!

Eight random garden facts:
1. Let's go historical. My first garden was when I was about seven years old. A raised bed on one side of the gate to the back garden (my brother's was on the other side). It had tulips and marigolds and I can't remember what else.
2. One of my earliest foraging memories is on my grandparents' farm where my Grandma, one of my aunts and I went down the river collecting plants. Ferns.
3. I don't know if I'll ever grow gooseberries that tasted like the ones behind Grandma's kitchen. I do know that the ones my Dad grew tasted good enough that we never ever told each other if they were ripe. Just snuck down to eat them from the bush and often found the other person there already.
4. Things that look beautiful but you aren't supposed to let them flower: thistles. The purple headed variety.
5. Why I'll never grow carpet roses: cos when I went home one summer of my endless studentness, my job each day (like each and every day) was to deadhead the carpet roses. I understand that Dad gave up the effort once I left in favour of some machine. Cos of the effort and time involved. Oh really?
6. A plant I covet: when I was eight years old, my parents moved to a property with boysenberries. One of my aunts took some cuttings and later my parents pulled the berries out (and even later they moved to carpet rose-ville). Last year at my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary party, my aunt brought some boysenberries from those cuttings. I definitely covet some cuttings from her garden.
7. In London, we had wild blackberries in our garden and they tasted great. Fabulous in fact. I couldn't work out why blackberries were left uneaten on the roadside. Then one day I took a closer look. Ermm roadside pollution Sandra. It was an A - something road for goodness sake. (Arterial route I presume - I love it how a city map really has veins.)
8. Ants are supposed to be bad in your compost. They signifiy something bad which I forget. But an actual ants' nest makes a very efficient job of converting food waste into soil. I don't know how you get that to happen on purpose. Ours was random.

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