Tuesday, August 7, 2007

crop rotation 3

I've found homes for the lettuce and beetroot. Then I remembered that the pumpkins were going to go in the place now put aside for tobacco growing. Oh. You may or may not know that pumpkins and potatoes have a mutual animosity for each other. Potatoes don't like sunflowers either. So tonight I'm thinking of where to put the pumpkins.

The photo and description here are from Kings Seeds, suppliers of many good things. Just to show you how special these pumpkins are and why I need to find a home for them, specially since I've paid for the seeds.
Pumpkin Austrian Oil Seed
Product description:Heirloom Austrian pumpkin with completely hull-less seeds that yield valuable green pumpkin seed oil. European studies show the oil to be highly therapeutic for prostate health in men. The mature pumpkins weigh 3-5kg, are striped green on orange and the flesh is very thick with good eating properties. The cavity is filled with large dark green seeds which are quite tasty when eaten raw or absolutely delicious when seasoned and lightly roasted. Semi bush short vine plants. (100 days) (20 seeds)

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Nik said...

Oh, I didn't know that about pumpkin and potatoes. I did know that carrots and onions together are great though lol!