Tuesday, August 7, 2007

How to kill a slug

If you are not prepared to kill slugs, there really isn't any point in you attempting to garden. Not any of you.

My favourite English gardening friend Jemma, who really should blog but if she does then she hasn't told me, cuts them in half with scissors. I am in awe of this as English slugs are very large, much bigger than NZ slugs. Once I found a slug in my London garden so large I could neither let it remain at large in my garden nor could I bring myself to squash it. I trapped it in a jar and to the best of my knowledge it is still at the back of the coal shed now.

Until very recently, I dealt with slugs by squashing them with a heavy stone. Fionn loves this job and is an excellent helper at it. I have changed my tactic though since Friday when I got too enthusiastic and the slug remains splattered - in my face. I don't recommend the experience.

Now I squash them firmly but a little slower than before with the back of the trowel.

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