Sunday, August 12, 2007

It's raining, it's pouring

and Sandra has been snoring. Thank goodness I wasn't poorly when the sun was shining - that would be too cruel.

If you want to grow something which tastes special on a plate but only have a window sill, then rocket and coriander are excellent choices. I think it is impossible not to succeed with rocket, which does otherwise cost a fortune in the shops. Grows through winter inside and is better grown outside of really hot weather periods. I'm having great success with coriander grown on the windowsill this year. I've moved some outside into pots and another straight into the soil plus kept one inside to see whether there are any differences in how they fare.

NZ Cuisine magazine arrived in the post on Friday and quite a few of the recipes have veges which I have seeds for for winter 2008 (kale, bok choy, nero cabbage). For a moment I thought with great surprise and a little excitement that I was fashionable. Then I realised that I'd actually be a year out of date.

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