Tuesday, August 21, 2007

So what is a blog for then?

I've been thinking about this today. Actually I had quite a few thoughts about it, but they disappeared with the wine. Maybe tomorrow or when the wine runs out. Anyway I've enabled anonymous comments so non gmail or blogspot people can comment on my latest seedling count. (TWO sunflower seedlings now, in case you were desperate to know). Why I thought some marauding nasty was going to seek out MY blog and write "I had sex with you at school and you were no good" or something like that I no longer know. There are, apparently, thousands of blogs out there and some motherly frump wittering on about her tulips aint really that appealing for Mr or Mrs Nasty. Actually I don't know what nasty people write on blogs, if indeed they do (I guessed some must or there wouldn't be the comment moderation or other options about comments options). I just guessed about the bad sex comment.

'Course I gardened today. It's how I keep from melting into certifiable insanity. Made a miniature raised bed above the drainpipe. I do hope I remember not to plant root veges in there for ever.

Talked about breastfeeding and formula feeding as well. A wonderfully civilised discussion, which is how you'd know it wasn't on some open parenting board. Apart from being of vital and very personal importance to all parents, it is also in many ways a very yawny subject because we've heard the same things repeated so many times before. But my English nappy friends are much above that and I treasure knowing them. Does it depress anyone else to think that when our daughters are having babies, in a million years obviously and only with truly perfect partners, the same trampled to death topics will swill around them like so much baby sick? Bottle or breast, work or staying at home, early or late toilet training. I'm giving Brighid earmuffs when/if she has children - they'll be useful in so many ways.


Fire said...

How did you get so many posts while I wasn't looking? Yes it does depress me that our children will have the same conversations - but my eldest told me today he wasn't having children. "Because of the poo."

Fire said...

Oh and by the way, I had sex with you at school, and it was bad.

Nik said...

LOL! I had one comment I had to delete - but it was some random spam trying to sell me printed t-shirts in Spanish.