Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Welcome to my journey

Well I'm not sure who I'm welcoming as it feels all a bit like the school projects where you put a message in a bottle or balloon and hope something comes back from, you know France or Papua New Guinea but not the neighbours five doors down.

Tonight I finally (!) worked out how to post comments on the blogs of friends and from there it seemed such a simple step to have my own blog. Nikki and Rose have definitely been inspirations but I'm not sure I'd expect anyone to know who these people are as I've yet to work out whether I'm having a small and intimate party here, or whether this whole process shares my email address with the world and next time I log in there will be 487 spam message inviting me to purchase viagra or whether indeed I'm talking to myself. Is this better or worse than talking to the radio? I don't know. Fionn (4) remains mystified as to why I talk to the radio, but then he just isn't as interested in the catastrophes of foreign policy (pick a country, any country, it's all applicable) as I am.

Now if anyone is out there, I have to warn that I have no idea how to get photos from the camera onto this site and it is in the same category as mowing the lawn. I don't doubt that it is simple, but I prefer for some things never to make the jump from husband job to my job. So I remain in purposeful ignorance which does rather slow up the transfer of photos.

The garden? Oh yes the garden. We had a fabulous time in the garden this afternoon, an afternoon of spectacular sunniness which seemed even to bode spring (probably a trick, but today was a good trick). Fionn and I planted 20, yes 20 sunflowers. Then we planted 24 other seeds of the edible kind. Lettuce-beetroot-swiss chard/silverbeet-coriander-oregano-thyme-basil, I'm looking forward to welcome you to my world. Just as my baby daughter sleeps beside my bed at night, so the propagator tray is beside my computer, snug and warm, as I write.

There is more to do tomorrow, and baby there is so much more to do soon when countless packets of wonderful seed arrives from Kings Seeds at the end of this week. It's not a sane look when you realise that you've lain awake at night after posting the seed order wondering exactly what to do if the order goes missing in the post. How long would it take? Which seeds would be too late in the ground as a result? I tell you, but I really should not.

I'm not going to write about the car because it is too expensive. Suffice to say, I should a) not have left the wheelbarrow in the driveway and b) not have walked right past it, got in the car and backed the car out of the garage.

Labels for this post? Now that is getting too advanced. I'll try that next time. Another time. Some time.


Sharonnz said...

Ohhhh...My Compost Queen has a blog...cool. You must learn the photo uploading trick though;-)

Fire said...

Oooooooooooh you're inspiring me already! Sunflowers in July? We want them to feed our chickens. And yeah, we want photos of the next chicken slaughter. (Oooh I'm Rose btw.)

Nik said...

Oooh, you've already inspired me to get onto the sunflowers I've prepared the ground for (well I'm hoping it'll be nutritious enough!). Yes, just get more seeds into seed trays soon too.

Rach said...

Hi Sandra! Welcome to blogland - but you really MUST learn to upload photos. It's dead easy (especially if husband has put them onto the computer for you already!). Honest. Even I can do it.