Sunday, September 23, 2007


I stumbled across Weedbusters on the web earlier tonight while looking up flag irises. The latest NZGardener had suggested flag irises as part of a sustainability article. Well oopsy doopsy, I think there might be a retraction in the next issue. Turns out flag irises are on the noxious weeds list and all land owners are required to control it.

But this weedbusters organisation seems to be all about getting rid of weeds which invade public spaces and threaten or overwhelm native plants. AND they have a group in my small town. AND they are even the people involved in a project just 250 metres from my house. I'm thinking of contacting them. But it might involve a committee and one of my greatest learning achivements this year, discovered the hard way, is that I loathe committees. Specifically, I loathe big fish in little pond small town committee disease.

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