Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Eating fish is bad-for-the-environment. Surely you all know that already. The oceans are running out of fish.

Eating lemon and pepper flavoured tuna in a tiny can is bad in more ways than I have fingers to tell. Or close to that many.

I love those little cans of tuna. A lot. Equal to how much I love Hellmanns mayo, which is probably also bad because it tastes so good that it must be bad.

So my latest attempt to deal with this badness of mine (I should mention here that a background in Roman Catholicism is a very excellent preparation for adult environmental guilt) is that I am focusing on eating five + fruit and veg a day which should leave me less room to eat the fish. I should already be eating 5+ but my recent audit suggested otherwise. Like an athlete in training, I'm going to keep moving the goalposts, until I am eating 9+ servings of fruit and veg a day. Surely that will knock the canned fish eating on the head.

I do reserve the right to have Hellmanns' mayo with my veg sandwiches though. On the hedonistic scale, it is surely less evil than having gin for breakfast.

I write this not because it is interesting but to bear witness that this is my goal, this was my goal, and to hopefully make myself stick to it.

If I fall off the canned fish wagon, then no one will have to know, but as my Mum taught me, God will. He might not comment on my blog, but maybe my inability to lie will keep the canned demon out of my tummy.


Sharonnz said...

We struggle to overcome our notion that it's a Kiwi's inalienable right to eat as much fish as they like...but we've knocked the tinned fish habit on the head. Let's not talk about bananas and coffee though.

Rach said...

In my admittedly limited understanding catholic+friday=fish.
Yes? I think it'll take God commenting for you to change a lifetime of habit;-) (dreadful pun unintended!!!)
Then again, *yourconscience* might do the trick - heehee

Fire said...

Ah, your conscience only just found this post, and Rach is ahead of me. Your conscience is moved by your attempt to leave the fish in the oceans. I met someone else who doesn't eat fish yesterday. He spends every spare day of his life diving in the sea. That tells me something.