Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Harvest time!

Finally and with great excitement I am proud to announce that we are now eating from our summer 2007-08 garden.

Today I made parsley pesto with parsley from the garden. Actually I've been using parsely from the garden all winter, giving it away, cutting it back and throwing on the compost, and still the two plants are huge. Today I used it in really substantial quantities so I figured it counted like a vegetable. I felt rather Nigella making my own pesto. I used sunflower seeds instead of pine nuts. As my sister commented once, 'pinenuts cost more than drugs'. I didn't ask what drugs specifically she was comparing pinenuts with cos she is my baby sister and sometimes it's just best I don't know everything.

Tomorrow will be the first vegetable debut of the season: broad beans. I plan to fry them with garlic. Not much tastes bad fried with garlic.


MummyHaggis said...

I got some in my veg box last week and offered them to a chum as I'm not that keen on them. However, she suggested frying them with a bit of garlic and onion and then blitzing them.

It was yummy in a toasted pitta with some salad leaves and lovely on oatcakes.

But you're right, frying with garlic makes most things taste ok : )

Nik said...

Funny, I used large amounts of parsley last night in our dinner as a vegetable since I had run out of greens from the vege box (we had roasted pumpkin risotto). Pesto is also yummy made from mint - can't wait for my plant to boost back to life after the caterpillars attacked it last year.

Sandra said...

Laura!!! It's Laura! Hello :)))