Tuesday, September 4, 2007

spong mincers

I have one of them. I used it to make Shepherd's Pie for dinner. I googled to find you a picture of mine (which I got from a charity shop in Ilford when we lived in London) and came up with this cool blog featuring a spong advert here, where we learn that our husbands will be moved to ardour by our Spong-made meals. Would it be bad blog manners if I had copied his photo of the ad and put it here? Please can someone tell me?

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Gareth J M Saunders said...

It would only have been bad manners if you'd linked directly to the image.

But please feel free to save the image and upload it to your own hosting space. :)

And thanks for the link to my blog -- glad you liked the Spong advert. :)