Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Guerilla Gardening

What a fantastic idea this is. They had something about it in a recent NZ Gardener magazine (I think, presumably it was there and not on the kindy notices) and then I found this site tonight. I found the link through Beansprout's blog which I found through Nikki's blog. Nikki's blog was a key inspiration for me to start blogging and she rocks.

Anyway, guerilla gardening. The website I linked to first in this post is all about clandestine planting sprees to beautify public spaces in London. Very cool I thought and could I do it here? The seed has been planted in my head. The NZ gardener article was focused on guerilla planting of trees, preferably natives. But the London one was all about planting full stop. I have two local friends with native bush on their section who would be good for providing some seedlings. I quite fancy some stealth planting of wild flower seed blend on the roadside near us.


Melanie Rimmer said...

Go for it. I always thought it sounded like a great idea, even though I've never done it myself.

Fire said...

My dh has been doing it for ages, but I just dream of it as I walk past neglected weedy council-owned wastelands. Thanks for the cool link. I wonder if guerrilla gardeners are also freegans?