Sunday, September 2, 2007


I'm doing food thinking at the moment because the previous status of my home (sick children, bad weather) has remained constant. Meaning I cannot garden and have not been able to for so long now that it hurts to contemplate the topic.

So back to food. Yesterday I was playing around linking from blog to blog being overwhelmed by how much is out there and how gorgeous the photography is on so many of them. I had some serious thoughts about food and some less serious ones. I'll do non-serious now.

This blog is a great idea, encouraging children to eat an adventurous range of vegetables, but be warned: it sings! While I was off making toast, something started singing and it wasn't The Adventures of Massey Ferguson. I had juggled so much to sit down in quiet this morning (including putting Massey Ferguson on the other computer via earphones for the nearly no longer sick child) that I could not actually stand to read the blog because it made a noise.

This one was pretty sophisticated, which is a nice form of escapism here in vomitland.

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Anonymous said...

You are right. The music is an irritant. I hadnt realised....I have removed it.
Do come back.
There should be nothing to impede your visit..
and Freddie