Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The sun shone the whole day long

Filming of the reenactment of Noah and the Flood seems to have ceased here in Small Town, just as I was on the verge of looking at the real estate and job ads for Anywhere Else.

So I dug in two full buckets of Bokashi (it had rained so much and for so long that my back up nappy bucket and three icecream containers are also full of food scraps waiting to be Bokashi'd) and now have all of my largest new garden plot dug over. In a fortnight I can til it a bit more and by Labour weekend it should all be ready to be filled with seedlings. If filmingof Noah: The Sequel resumes too soon, then it will be Liquorland for me.

Fionn and I filled some tyres with potting mix from two big tubs of cabbage trees which died (sad for Favourite Handyman I know, but I did never want them in the first place) which were absolutely teeming with worms. Then we planted my borlotti bean seedlings. Five. After one hour, we had an 80% survival rate. We don't know which blackbird stole the seedling, but we are blaming the species generally.

All but one of my tomato seedlings are now in individual pots on the north facing windowsills. I'll have 14 plants if they all last to fruiting.

The wind and rain have wrecked my crocuses and partly spoilt some tulips. I'm going to have to rethink where the bulbs go next year. I've also discovered that the funny weed things by the roses out the front are some kind of freesias or similar spring bulb and very pretty they look too. I need to find what kind they are and plant more. I'm starting to get what this whole "massed plantings" thing is in flower growing speak. Not six togetherish, but 30 clustered very close.

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