Sunday, September 21, 2008


12 silverbeet seedlings (me)
2 cabbage trees (Favourite Handyman)
3 coriander plants (me)
3 miners' lettuce plants (me, who is frustrated by my lack of knowledge about whether or where any apostrophe should be in the name of this plant)
3 aloe vera plants (me)
2 broccoli seedlings (me)

Then I weeded the potatoes out of one my compost patches (yes really. I have learnt beyond all likelihood of forgetting not to empty unwanted potatoes onto the compost heap)

I made another compost heap with grass clippings from yesterday (well FH and the children did that bit), mouldy sawdust and chookhouse litter from my friend Raelene.

Then I worked on my third (but really my original) compost, pulling out big branches which aren't decomposing suitably quickly, shuddering at the dead mouse in there, planning the garden I am going to put in its place soon. Some of the beautifully decomposed compost from this heap went in with the cabbage trees.

I weeded some creeping buttercup and docks out of the garden which will be home to potatoes next month.

Then it rained and blew and we all scarpered inside until I found my wallet and went out and bought some aluminium sulphate for the blueberries (probably evil - didn't ask about it's organic status) and a packet of sweet corn seed.

Now I am inside, drinking beer (weekend: 4pm rule does not apply) and refusing to go near facebook. I also bought a pile of baking goodies and am about to make a trillion school lunches' worth of muffins and pasties.


Johanna Knox said...

Hi Sandra - every time I read your blog you seem to be doing something with onion weed - eating it, drying it, pickling it, getting rid of it! :O) You must have absolutely masses!!!

Miners lettuce sounds great. I'm inspired to look into getting some.

Gill said...

I've not heared of aluminium sulphate for blueberries but I know they like a mulch of pine needles. We added the pine bark off the firewood to their mulch this year, they seemed to like it they're covered in flowers at the moment.

Sandra said...

Johanna I have hundreds, maybe thousands of onion weed plants. They grow so thickly that they choke everything else out. Which makes them quite easy to weed out.

Gill I've got pine needle mulch on my blueberries now. Need to add more mulch actually as the rain has compacted the soil and the blackbirds have scattered much of the mulch. I also need to deal to the convulvulus growing in the blueberry bed.