Tuesday, September 16, 2008

more garden notes

For intellectual reflection, you will have to go elsewhere, possibly for a long time.

Bought more silverbeet today - 12 seedlings. The price of green veges in the supermarket continues to climb until I felt rather dizzy just reading the prices this afternoon. So I cannot possibly have too much edible greenery in our home garden. Most of these seedlings can go out the front and live there until the zucchini plants (which are yet to germinate) go in. Although I have some lettuce seedlings which I started from scratch, planting lettuce would be a waste of time at the moment. The slugs would devour it completely in one night. Once the weather dries up I'll be able to get the beer traps working.

I pulled more onion weed this morning - we have hundreds and hundreds of onion weed plants and I'm after making better use of the soil they are currently living in.

I cut my three yellow irises and three of my red freesias and put them in a jam jar in the kitchen. They are gorgeous and I get to enjoy them more there.

That's all. The rest of my life is getting in the way of me gardening. Rather unfortunate and I'm gagging to change that.


Leanne said...

I had to buy veges from supermarket yesterday instead of farmers market.
I was shocked at the price & quality was limp, lifeless lettuce. I asked the man for fresher out the back - I am looking forward to getting produce from the garden very much!

Love Leanne

PS I am told perpetual spinach-beet is lovely from Kings seeds - hope to try this one.

Sandra said...

yup. scary alright. My biggest goal is to always have green veges in the garden. I have quiche in the oven at the moment which has our own silverbeet in it. If we get some sun, then we should go right through with our own silverbeet. No such luck with brassicas though.