Thursday, September 4, 2008

At least it wasn't a rat

But it was a mouse. Alive in front of the muesli container at 6am this morning. Foot jammed in the mousetrap. I didn't even see it until I'd taken out the rolled oats container beside it.

I am really glad I am a married woman. Cos killing that mouse was a little beyond me, yet I sure wanted it dead. I get a bit girly about rats and mice.

Favourite Handyman killed it on the kitchen floor. I didn't query that - in no way did I wish to risk the job being handed back to me.

So now I have washed the floor where the murdered mouse .... was. I might even wash it again soon. Like before I go to bed.

It's expensive, being squeamish about murdered mice. I bought Indian for dinner at great cost to avoid using the kitchen before the floor washing. I couldn't wash the floor while I was at paid work and I couldn't wash the floor while my daughter was awake.


Johanna Knox said...

Eek. Yeah, I know how you feel about washing after where dead mice have been. I'm not the tidiest cleanest housekeeper in the world (haha) - but I get very through after a dead mouse!

Sandra said...

'Tis yucky alright. Just laid more traps - took days to remember to buy both new traps and peanut butter.

A comment! Lovely that someone is still reading :)))