Thursday, September 25, 2008

calendulas for love

I've blogged before about some of the challenges I feel when those I love are hurting and are also on the other side of the world. I've also blogged (not with a tag which enables me to find it alas) about the particular challenges friends in several places have faced this year with miscarriage. Right now I'm excitedly awaiting news of Molly's baby in London and of a friend's baby here in Smallwettown. A couple of months ago another friend in London had her long awaited baby after a history of heartbreaking difficulties.

It hasn't all been roses though and my heart is currently heavy for one friend in particular who is grieving for a lost baby now for the third time this year. Words are totally and utterly inadequate.

When I blogged on this topic last time, I talked about the enduring power of calendula flowers for me as an image of hope for those I love all over the world who are yearning for a baby. Throughout the winter which has just broken, we have had calendula flowers in my garden a lot of the time and we have more now. I have planted them in several places and have more seedlings in a pot nearly ready to be planted out. Most hopefully, some have self seeded. Only a tiny number have died. The strength and beauty of these flowers gives me hope.

May your desires to share your love with new life be fulfilled.

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