Saturday, September 20, 2008

Miners' Lettuce

We went to dinner at our friends' place tonight and came home with two miners' lettuce plants. We also ate some in a lovely salad. I've eyed this plant up in the seed catalogues before as it grows easily right throughout winter. But I've not bought any, put off by my lack of success with Cornsalad. Apparently Miners' Lettuce grows in shady wet places so I have no problem with finding homes for it to flourish.

Also today, I let the chooks out for a longer session. They spent ages fossicking amongst the wet soil in the spot I buried Bokashi near yesterday. That has had the effect of aerating the top layer of soil. Turns out they love to eat Wandering Dew (or is it Wandering Jew?) which is great as we have plenty of it trailing around the unkempt wet bottom corner of the section.

One of our chooks produced a double yoker this morning.

Favourite Handyman mowed the lawn - first time since early winter I think. Everything looks heaps better almost instantly.

I set to weeding more onion weed. We do seem to have billions of the plants. The area I'm working on at the moment is one I cleared late last summer and sowed beneficial insect mix in. That cultivation resulted in many many onion weed seeds germinating and taking over the area. So this is the beginning of taking it back.

Made bread again, for the first time in ages. I do feel a bit domestic goddess when I make bread. Which can't be bad.

Starting to plan summer camping trips. The local summer only swimming pool is opening next week. Promise is in the air. I can hear it whispering.

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