Thursday, January 8, 2009


The chooks: they ate more wandering dew in the wettest corner. They scratched the earth up there nicely and have made a space for another cabbage tree. They ate more slugs and grubs and generally behaved themselves in terms of egg production.

Favourite Handyman: he transplanted one blackcurrant bush and planted several cabbage trees. He got rid of more docks.

Me: I made the first lot of sundried tomatoes. Turns out that what looks like a lot of tomato on the dehydrator trays when first cut, is not really much tomato at all once it is dried and packed in a jar. I'll be having another go sometime this month. I made cheese and onion souffle for lunch. Souffle! What a fancy word. Turned out nice. I'll be packing a lot more herbs in next time. I made foccaccia dough and turned one third into foccaccia for dinner and froze the other two portions. Don't even ask me about laundry and dishes. I am sick of cleaning and yet I still did some. Is that called maturity?

Fionn: well he didn't do much beyond setting the lunch and dinner tables. But he does have a big desire to earn more money to buy another hot wheels car. And I took possession of eight cubic metres of firewood this afternoon. Eight cubic metres which await stacking. So Fionn and Favourite Handyman will be workers indeed over the next few days. I shall be paying the little one in Hot Wheels money and the big one in beer. Due to the great kindness of my heart, food will be available regardless of wood stacking productivity. Ingredients available that is, not necessarily cooked and ready to eat.

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