Friday, January 30, 2009

food project rationalisation

I made some beetkvass. I'd done a bit of online research and learnt that sometimes it does better than others. Mine was just salty pink water. I threw it out after drinking just a few mouthfuls. I'll try again when I have my own beetroot ready in the garden. Apparently the fresher the beetroot, the better the kvass.

I made ginger beer. It is nice. Very fizzy. But the children aren't overly fussed and I notice we are drinking it when we would otherwise drink water. So I'm leaving that for now. I might try again next summer.

The kefir is still bolting along. I've moved it out of the hot water cupboard which has slowed things down a bit. I'm still drinking it and I've made more banana muffins with it this morning. School goes back for Fionn next week so I've been baking baking and freezing lots of muffins for school lunches. Oh what a nice mummy I am.

Tomatoes. We got given a lovely bag of tomatoes earlier this week. Lots of different varieties, all home grown. We've eaten and cooked a few and I've sliced the remainder and put in the dehydrator this morning. I'll turn them into a jar of olive oil and herbs when they are nearly dry.

I'm reading Paul Pitchford's Healing with Whole Foods at the moment. It is very interesting. I suspect it is going to trigger another round of new foods/new recipes experimenting. I've got plenty to learn about Chinese nutritional theory, yin and yang and the five elements, not to mention all sorts of things about every kind of food.

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oacemama said...

Yep...we had the same problem with ginger beer. My kids loved it though so it was a big issue when I said water only!