Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Financial Permaculture

I've just found this very interesting article on financial permaculture. Not only is it quite a relief to see I'm not the only one wondering about these things, but the picture of the blog writer is of a handsome Italian looking dude, which adds to the experience surely.

I am frequently irritated to hear people on the radio telling us to spend and even one today telling us to borrow in order to lift ourselves out of the recession. Well I'm not that collectively minded. I'm not at all interested in spending and borrowing to fund someone else's monopoly game.

This summer we will finish the ceiling insulation and make a decent lean-to to protect the fire wood. I don't think there will be funds for underfloor insulation this year nor time to build the glasshouse, but they will happen eventually, probably the summer of 09-10. I need to make the blanket curtain for the front door before winter and get Favourite Handyman to make the rail to hold it. A few short sentences, but quite enough to keep us busy on top of earning money, raising children and growing food.


Marino said...

i clicked on the link just to see the handsome Italian looking dude ;) :D

Frances said...

Yeah, I'm with Mariella... that guy is CUTE!!!

And Sandra, you're thinking of the Loft Bar!!! I spent nearly every single night from 1992 to 1995 there. We may have met in the ladies' loos, who knows? ;-)

xxancroft said...

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