Friday, November 21, 2008


Good living is all about compost. So is good dying for that matter.

So this morning I turned my current compost heap. I didn't bother on the previous site but suspected this one would benefit. I removed the piece of roofing iron which has been keeping it warm and mostly dry of late and forked most of the heap onto the wheelbarrow. The very wet stuff down the bottom from before I started using the iron had decomposed quite a bit and had lots of worms. I shovelled it all back, mixing the dry straw with the wetter material. I think this will speed the process up nicely.

I planted another tomato while my daughter was asleep. While she was awake, she created merry messy hell in the garden and in the kitchen. I didn't mind much about the kitchen.

Speaking of kitchen activity, this morning I made biscuits and had them cooled and ready to go in Fionn's lunch box before it was time for the school run. I'm just going to pause a little now to admire my own efforts once again.

before school. an entire batch of biscuits.

Muesli chocolate chip biscuits they are called.

I began to tidy up the area where the potted tomatoes will go (cordoned off from tiny fists by the temporary chook run I hope) this afternoon. Fionn wanted to play with all the tyres I had moved. Play means spread everywhere. I said no. They call me grumpy. They are right.


Marino said...

a batch or biscuits before school!! far out and I can barely ever manage to find time to make MY OWN lunch and sometimes even breakfast before work in the morning!! big congrats for that!! who knows, might make a domestic goddess out of you yet... :D :P

Rach said...


Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

Sandra, a batch of biscuits before school?!! You have impressed me, my friend!!! (Note the extra use of exclamation marks just to bring home the point)

Sandra said...

Thank you :)) I'm sure it's a singular achievement which I'll still be treasuring in 2015.