Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tomorrow is seed sowing day

I am almost always hopeless at aligning my seed sowing with the moon and my germination rate suffers as a result. But tomorrow, tomorrow if I am good and no one is dangerously ill and it doesn't turn out that I have a biting insect infestation (still not sure what bit me earlier in the week when I was collecting chook house poo/sawdust but I got more bites last night when I shifted the bags of aforementioned chook byproduct) and I don't just plain ole forget,

I am going to sow some seeds two days before the full moon.

I'll have to have a good look at my options in my seed drawer, but for the moment I am thinking coriander (God have you noticed that I am trying really hard to grow coriander?), rocket, silverbeet bright lights (some of which I will grow in a pot under the new lean-to, basil (for growing on the kitchen windowsill now it has cooled outside) and calendula.

Maybe it is worth a go at pak choy as well - I think I have some seed. As if the slugs needed more food.


Nova said...

hmmm innntteresting!! cos my book says to sow most things on the new moon?! no that i've managed to sow anything in *months* so maybe tonight i will grab a chance?!

Johanna Knox said...

Oh you have a seed drawer. That must be lovely. I have a seed brown paper bag stashed away in the back of a cupboard!