Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Suburban scream

Some time ago I worked out that in the absence of a tube station down the road to whisk me and the brood to the V & A, we would have to find some home based indoor pursuits to see us through the wet days. and wet weeks. and wet months.

Today though, hit a new low. Net curtains. Did I really go to university, read all those books, flirt with all those blokes, stamp my feet loudly to the feminist drum in order to spend this afternoon sorting out net curtains?

Traditional Pagan and Christian Spring rituals have focused on lambs, new life etc. Well here in smallwettown I think we should all build rain shelters as our Spring ritual. And make beer and spirits for the long pour.


Sharonnz said...

We're building an Ark, with a cellar for the home brew;-)

Sandra said...

Good work Sharon. Keep meaning to tell you that you've introduced me to the world of crafty blogging. Some very awesome things going on out there.