Monday, October 1, 2007

grown up paid work

I'm going to do some grown up paid work next year. The kind where you need qualifications and have to dress up. My idea of dressing up, in case you were wondering where the hell in small town New Zealand ball dresses or business suits were required, is when I have to forfeit gumboots, jeans and/or fleece jerseys.

So I had a meeting with the big boss with regard to all this (not the dressing up, the work) this morning at 9am, which given daylight savings only just came in, was really 8am and given the mother of small children thing, was really quite challenging. I left the house at 8.53am in the one outfit (outfit! combination of top, trousers and jacket) which fitted and didn't require ironing. Perhaps you can iron clothes between 8.53 and 8.54am in the morning but I cannot. The 'outfit' was two different shades of purple and also combined a fussy pattern with stripes. It was, nevertheless, not accompanied by gumboots and it didn't bulge.

The meeting went well and later I realised I had talked to another adult for 90 minutes without mentioning gardening once. Quite strange.


Sharonnz said...

Gazing at my wardrobe a few months ago I realised I'd be in big trouble if I had to play grown-ups any time soon. And ironing??

Fire said...

Sandra, I am intrigued to understand how the work fits in with your "toying with home schooling" comments? Do tell!

Nik said...

I couldn't throw together a complete outfit anymore either! I have a good pair of pants, but no jacket. LOL at the ironing - even when I was working I never pulled out the iron.