Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Letters from Wetville - new blog

It seems time for a spruce up, a tighter focus. Or something. I feel like my blog has become a bit like parts of my garden. Sprawled out with weeds everywhere. No longer with a clear function. So this is my attempt at a slightly altered direction.

Letters from Wetville

Either over on the new blog, or here, I would really appreciate any feedback, any thoughts on what you would like to see and/or what you think could be improved.

Thank you :)


Steven Cowan said...

Dear Sandra
I just recently discovered your blog and have enjoyed your posts about your daily life and your garden. I'm also intrigued that you are a lefty and have been reading my blog, Against the Current - thanks.
I note that you think you your blog has become more a journal than a blog?
I think that journals, by their very nature, tend to follow all kinds of paths. That's one of their attractions because the reader gets an insight into the writer's life.
Blogs, which might be focused on one general area, tend to be less intimate. I've looked at gardening-focused blogs, for example, in which the writer rarely talks about themselves.
I think the strength of 'Sandra's Garden' is that it combines both.
I suppose if you were seeking to make a clear distinction one blog could continue purely as a personal journal while the other blog could become a straight blog about gardening, etc. I guess though they would always some overlap.
Just some thoughts. But keep writing - I enjoy your stuff!
Greetings from Christchurch..

Sandra - too heavy to stand on a soapbox, but undeterred said...

Thank you Steven. I really appreciate your thoughts. I am happy to keep a fairly intimate tone and to comment fairly widely. But I do feel I have been writing about every tiny nothing happening sometimes and I want to make my posts a little more considered and less jammed with different flotsam. Maybe I will find I still want both. So the new blog gives me a push to put more considered, single theme posts there.
It has made my day to know there is someone out there who has found my blgo recently and enjoyed it though. Thanks.

Sarah said...

Hi Sandra.
I just stumbled across your blog on my hunt to find a recipe from the edmonds cookbook. it's a a whitebread recipe with no milk in it and it's wonderful. I lived for a while in Kiribati and used it every other day there and when i cam eback to australia i assumed I'd be able to find it, or something better but haven't been able to. If you happen to have it (i think it was on page 21... or maybe 31 of the version of the book i had) I'd be ever so grateful if you could reply here with the ingredients list. i can remember the process but the quantities have faded from my memory.
Thanks heaps, Sarah

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