Tuesday, August 26, 2008

sugar and stealing

Today I wrote about the sugar on the floor.

After school Fionn and I went out stealing. Grass. It must be Spring. The council mowed the large verge at the end of our street and we took big and little wheelbarrows and the rake down there and filled them. When we got back home we added it to the beautiful wormy home made compost which we had strewn over the punga raised bed. Should enrich the soil for the garlic and yams and the climbing rose.

I still love the chooks.

I made carrot and ginger and kumara soup for dinner. I used beef stock from the freezer for the liquid, bacon pieces and borlotti beans for the protein and I added a few handfuls of dried seaweed - wakame I think it's called. It was good. I should use it more often.

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Gill said...

Yumm!!! I jump the fence when the kiwifruit orchard mows. They don't spray much but I only collect from my side of the shelter belt. Have asked if I can lease the unused bit of land but they are a bit funny and won't share. (I only want to plant a hedgerow)